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Customer Testimonials

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"I found the service to be the greatest service for any web based application. [Their] service is fully web based and extremely simple to use. The backups are very fast and can be restored anywhere. This service is highly recommended to all web application developers. Backup processes can be set up by anyone easily."


WebSavvy Studio - Let us build a website for you

WebSavvy Studio

"Our site fell victim to the hack on [web hosting provider] servers this morning. By some amazing stroke of luck, I had just signed up for your service the night before, so I got to try out the restore function. Worked like a charm. Easy to use too. I'm sold. We are now providing this service as part of our hosting package for our website customers. Thanks!"

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A-Z Animals

"We have been trialing myRepono to backup our animal encylopedia website for the past 3 months, which includes an archive of nearly 600 animal articles (with MP3s), and a media library of over 30,000 files. From the easy installation to backing up our entire project, myRepono has given us instant security for our site (not to mention peace of mind), and the unique 'pay as you go' system ensures that it is great value for money. We would happily recommend both the myRepono product and it's dedicated team to anyone!"

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Digital DJ Tips - How to DJ properly with portable digital DJ gear

Digital DJ Tips

"Good service! I think you're good value for the peace of mind I get from daily backups. After all, it's my whole business there."

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Dave Urban, SUPERFROG Triathlon

"We couldn't be happier with the myRepono website backup service. It's fast, simple to install, and the support has been first-rate. The peace of mind it gives is important, and allows us to move forward without constantly worrying we might lose everything. myRepono is truly a set-it-and-forget-it type of service that also allows great flexibility in backup options. The myRepono interface is easy to understand and use, and avoids the technical jargon that scares people away from doing regular backups. With myRepono, everything is automated. We highly recommend using this backup service from myRepono."

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Gratis invitationer og bordkort

Invitationer Og

"I just want to thank you for a brilliant work making this backup solution. I run several websites, and have applied your backup service to most of them by now. I like the hassle-free installation, low monthly costs and improved security to prevent data loss! So far I haven't experienced any issues. Great job guys! :o)"

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April 2015

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