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FAQ >> How are backups transferred to the myRepono backup servers?

When myRepono initiates a backup it connects to the API installed on your web site to generate the backup. The backup API will create multiple backup packets, these are separate compressed ZIP files which are then encrypted on your server before being transferred to the myRepono backup servers.
Each backup packet is under 20MB, this is done to ensure the packets are transferred successfully and if there is an issue it means we can re-request an individual packet without needing to request the entire backup again, this saves you bandwidth and reduces the time it takes for the backup to be retrieved. The other reason for using packets is because the ZIP file compression and encryption processes can take a while to complete for larger backup files, if the backup is too large many servers will cancel the process and the compression and encryption will fail. By using smaller packets this ensures your server will not time-out the request. You can customise the packet size in your API configuration, this is controlled with a maximum total filesize for all the files in the packet, and there is a second limit on the maximum number of files in a packet.
When retrieving a backup myRepono connects to your server to download the backup, this means we can not control whether the connection is secure beyond the basic security offered by HTTP requests. Whenever possible we recommend using an API URL which is secured via SSL and uses the https:// prefix, in doing this it ensures the connection is secure and the backup will be transferred securely via SSL.

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