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Affiliates and Referral Program

Earn 10% From Referrals

Every time you refer a new sign-up to us, we will give you 10% of every top-up made by the user you refer.

This means, if you refer a user who pays a $10 USD top-up into their account, we will give you $1 USD commission.

Your commissions are stored in a single currency, at any time you can transfer your commissions into your account balance, or when your commissions have reached $25 USD or more you can request payment by PayPal either manually or automatically.

We provide simple referral URLs for linking to, and a range of images and banners for you to choose from. Tracking uses cookies which last 90 days, once you have referred a sign-up you will permanently receive commission from that account.

To join the affiliate program, simply sign-up and log-in to myRepono and go to the 'Affiliates' section.

Co-Branding Opportunities

We offer co-branding opportunities primarily for web hosting and design companies who would like to offer a myRepono extended free trial as a 'freebie' to be given away with their products.

Co-Branding Logo Placement

Example of logo placement in header.

Your logo will be displayed in the top right of the page header for all users you refer for the lifetime of their account, showing myRepono is in association with your organisation.

We show your logo and extended free trial offer on our homepage to all users you refer and you earn the usual 10% commission from all their top-ups.

The increased free trial enables users to test the system for longer and to become more accustomed to using the backup system, this increases the likelyhood the users will top-up which in-turn increases your commissions.

For more information regarding co-branding and white-label systems, please contact us.

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