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About myRepono

myRepono Website Backup Service

myRepono is an automated web site backup service which enables you to automatically backup your web site files and databases.

myRepono is owned by NullApps LLC, a software development and internet services company based in the United States.

The idea for the myRepono service was conceived after in 2009, one of ionix's databases became disrupted. ionix had ensured their hosting company were making regular backups of their data, but when it came to needing access to their data ionix found their host (one of the most reputable in the market) were unable to restore the data.

Following this ionix setup their own in-house backup system making hourly backups on to a local server and to a remote server on the other side of the world. This task wasn't difficult for ionix's team of skilled web developers, but for the average web site owner it would be a daunting task. As such, ionix decided to launch a backup service which was available to all web site owners (not just those with dedicated servers) and which was extremely easy for any web site owner to setup and maintain.

In 2017 myRepono was sold to NullApps LLC.

The name 'myRepono' is based on the Latin word 'repono', which means 'to store' or 'to deposit'.

NullApps LLC

NullApps LLC was formed in April 2009, the company specialises in web software development and related internet services.

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NullApps LLC
1110 Leigh Ave #1, San Jose, CA

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