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FAQ >> How are backups encrypted?

The myRepono API offers support for two encryption methods, by default our own custom encryption algorithm is used for improved efficiency, compatibility and reliability. Alternatively, users may choose to enable Rijndael 256-Bit encryption for optimal security if their server supports the mcrypt library/extension. For information regarding how to enable Rijndael 256-Bit encryption, please refer to the API configuration and customisation documentation.
If using a custom API, you may use any encryption method you like such as Blowfish, if you choose not to use our encryption methods you will not be able to use the online tools to view backup files though you can download your encrypted backups to be decrypted offline.
If you do choose to use another encryption method other than the default please do contact us as whenever possible we will be happy to add your encryption method to our system so you can use all the online tools.
We use our own custom encryption algorithm for compatibility reasons, most encryption methods require specific functions or programs are installed on the server where the API is hosted, to ensure 100% compatibility across all servers we had no choice but to use our own encryption algorithm. In time we intend to offer alternatives including Blowfish and Triple DES.

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