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The myRepono WordPress Backup Plugin is compatible with WordPress Multisite/Network installations, and will enable you to backup your complete WordPress Multisite/Network installation with only a single installation of the myRepono WordPress Backup Plugin (or API).
myRepono will backup your WordPress files and databases without any interaction with WordPress - the myRepono WordPress Backup Plugin is essentially an interface for myRepono which automates the API setup process and which gives you a basic management system as part of your WordPress administration panel.
This means myRepono can backup a WordPress multisite/networks installation in the same way as a standard single-site installation - to the myRepono API it's just files and databases.
The key limitation to this is that since a WordPress multisite/network installation requires changes to the server's Apache configuration, those changes would not be automatically restored by myRepono unless they were managed using a .htaccess file or an Apache configuration file which can be backed-up by your myRepono API.

WordPress Multi-Site Plugin Installation

You only need to install one instance of the myRepono WordPress Backup Plugin to backup all of the websites managed with a single WordPress Multisite/Network installation, to do so simply follow the normal myRepono WordPress Backup Plugin Installation Instructions.
The myRepono WordPress Backup Plugin does not need to be 'Network Activated' but can be if you intend for the plugin to be available to all administrators of all the network sites. You should not re-install the plugin for each individual site since this will result in duplicate backups of the same WordPress installation.

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