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E-Commerce & Online Shop Backup Service

E-Commerce & Online Shop Backup Service

Magento E-Commerce Backup
OpenCart Online Shop Backup
OSCommerce Online E-Commerce Shop Backup
Backup your PCI-DSS Compliant data!

myRepono is an online website backup service which enables you to securely backup your e-commerce and online shopping web sites and databases using an online and web-based management system.

If you run an online shop or e-commerce website, you know how important your web site database is! Losing your web site database might mean losing records of all your latest sales, this can result in disaster for your business - and your accountant!

myRepono is compatible will all popular shopping cart and online e-commerce software, including Magento, OpenCart, OSCommerce and many more.

The myRepono website backup service enables you to automate the process of backing up your web site and databases, including customer credit card data which is subject to PCI-DSS compliance. Once you've setup our easy-to-install backup API you simply select which files and mySQL databases you would like to backup and myRepono takes care of the rest, automatically backing up your website and e-commerce transaction data as frequently as you require.

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Our backup systems are extremely secure, utilising 256-Bit encryption and AES encryption methods which are approved for use by US Government and Military. We frequently audit our systems and our backup API to ensure they are 100% secure, and PCI-DSS compliant.

Backup your files

Our online and web-based backup management system gives you complete control of your backups, enabling you to manage backups for as many web sites and servers as you require. The backup management system allows you to specify how frequently each of your sites should be backed up, how many backups you would like to store, and exactly what files and mySQL database tables you would like to backup.

At any time you can login to the myRepono online backup management system to view, download and restore your backups (or individual files) using easy-to-use web-based management and backup restoration tools.

Want To Know More?

For more detailed information regarding the myRepono website backup service, please take a look at our Product Tour, our Frequently Asked Questions content or Contact Us.

Features and Benefits

Backup E-Commerce Software Backup E-Commerce Software

Backup your online shop or e-commerce software files and databaases.

Backup Your Website Files Backup Your Website Files

Backup unlimited individual files or complete folders using web-based file management tools.

Backup mySQL Databases Backup mySQL Databases

Backup individual mySQL tables or complete mySQL databases.

Secure File Encryption Secure File Encryption

Files are encrypted, transmitted and stored securely using up to 256-Bit encryption.

Backup File Compression Backup File Compression

Backups are compressed to as little as 10% of their original size.

File Restoration Tools File Restoration Tools

Restore files individually or on mass from your backups at any time.

Backup Multiple Web Sites Backup Multiple Web Sites

With a single account you can backup an unlimited number of websites.

Limitless Capacity Limitless Capacity

Store as many or as few backups as you like at competitive data storage rates.

Web-Based Management Web-Based Management

All management is controlled with web-based tool which can be accessed with any web-enabled device.

Online Support Online Support

Fast and friendly online technical support available to assist you with all your questions.