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FAQ >> What are the backup filesize limitations of the myRepono API?

The myRepono Backup API is capable of processing huge quantities of data, however since it is written with PHP it is subject to the limitations of PHP.
As such, if you are running PHP on a 32-Bit system then PHP may not be able to open files which are greater than 2GB in size. In this case the API will attempt to use the command-line tools split and csplit which are capable of splitting files over 2GB in size on a 32-Bit system, the API is then able to manipulate the split files which are re-combined once received by the myRepono system.
PHP allows for further limitations to be set, including the maximum amount of memory available to the a PHP script (the API), and the amount of time the a PHP script is allowed to run for (the maximum execution/timeout time). Some web hosting companies set PHP's limitations extremely low in an effort to increase the number of clients they can support on a single server, in this case the API may be unable to process large files or large quantities of data - the exact limitations will depend on your server's PHP limitations.
If your server allows for a PHP timeout of at least 30 seconds (or preferably 1 minute), with at least 64KB of memory/RAM available, then the API should be able to process a substantial amount of data (in excess of 10GB). Higher timeouts are required if using mysqldump to backup a large database table since the API will be required to wait for mysqldump to complete. A higher level of memory/RAM may be needed when indexing a large quantity of directories/files.
If you are backing up a large amount of data (e.g. over 10GB per backup) then you may find some of the web-based backup management tools are slow to use, the backup packet download feature is not affected so you can easily download your backup packets, but for example viewing the backup file tree may not be possible due to the limitations of HTML and your web browser.
The myRepono service is able to process huge amounts of data, if you find your server is unable to generate the backups you want please contact us and we will assist you in optimising your backup configuration and processes.

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