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FAQ >> Why should I worry about backing up my website?

One web site is being hacked every 5 seconds, that's over 16,000 per day and over 5.8 million websites per year! This doesn't just affect big name corporations, over 50% of online hacking affects small and medium size businesses, and non-profit organisations.
Combine this with the risk of hosting company error, hard drive failure, natural disasters, virus attacks and human error, the chances that your data will be disrupted and you will need to access a backup of your web site data over the upcoming year are very high.
Many web hosting companies do offer backup services, but few allow you to access individual files or database tables, this means if you lose one file or database record you have to restore your entire website and database to what is most likely an out-of-date state.
You may often find that your web hosting company is not storing recent or relevant backups, and that's assuming their backup restoration system actually works which many do not. myRepono offers you a powerful web-based system for managing and restoring your web site backups.
It is estimated that the hard drive failure rate is 0.8%-3%, this means most hard drives need to be replaced after a year to avoid a catastrophic loss of data. If your web hosting company or ISP is not making regular and up-to-date backups of your web site you could lose critical data and information!
What if you don't have up-to-date sales records for your online shop when your database becomes corrupted? What is you lost all those great comments on your blog? What if you accidentally delete something you haven't backed up?
When the alternative is paying 2 cents per day, the choice is obvious!
Hack Statistics Source: Sophos Security Threat Report July 2008

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