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FAQ >> API Installation Errors and Trouble-Shooting

If your myRepono API does not respond correctly, please try visiting your API URL using your web browser. The API should return a '0', if it returns any other text or errors then an error has occurred. To clarify, the API should return a completely blank page with just a single '0' (character: zero) displayed.
Please ensure your API URL is set correctly, the API URL must reflect the location of your 'myrepono.php' file.
For example:
Your API directory does not need any special permissions, by default the API directory (by default called, /myrepono/) should have it's permissions/CHMOD set to 755.
The API uses a data directory which must be within the API directory, by default the API data directory is called /data/ and will therefore have a location similar to /myrepono/data/.
The API data directory must be writable so the myRepono API can create temporary files, if your backup process fails please try setting your API data directory permissions/CHMOD to 777 using your FTP software or online file manager.
The API will attempt to automatically create the API data directory and set it's permissions to 777, however some web hosting/server configurations may not allow the API to do this and therefore you may need to create the directory yourself.
If the API returns a '0' correctly but the myRepono system returns an API error, please try using the API Debugging Tool which can be found via the 'Domains' -> 'API' section for your domain - listed below the Automatic and Manual Installation options.
If the API debugging tool does not identify the cause of the issue or if you have any other questions, please contact us.
If you are experiencing issues with failed backups, please refer to our Failed Backup Errors and Trouble-Shooting documentation.

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