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Backups: Archive Backup

Backups: Archive Backup

The archive backup section allows you to select backups which you would like the system to archive, this means the system will not automatically delete the backup.
When configuring your domain settings you select how many backups you would like to store, for example this might be 10 backups. In this example, once your 11th backup has been processed your 1st backup (the oldest) would be removed from the system, therefore ensuring you do not store more than 10 backups. However, if you select a backup as 'Archived' it will not be removed from the system and in fact it will be stored as an 11th backup which is not counted against your stored backup settings value.
To archive a backup, simply select the 'Confirm Archive Backup' button. Your backup will then be archived which will be indicated by a different icon as shown below:
Backup not Archived This means the backup is not archived, meaning it will be deleted once replaced by a more recent backup.
Backup is Archived This means the backup is archived, meaning it can not be deleted automatically by the system.

If you would like to remove an archived backup from the archive, simply select the 'Confirm Remove Archive Backup' button. Selecting this button will not remove the backup but will remove the archive lock, the backup will then be deleted when it is replaced by a more recent backup.

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