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Connect Plugin: Permissions

We provide plugins for third-party software which integrate with the myRepono website backup service to automate the set-up process, and to allow for management of your myRepono account from within your website administration panel.
The 'Connect Plugin' feature provides a method for us to securely authenticate your plugin and all future communication between your plugin and our systems, and it also enables you to control what access rights/permissions your plugin will have.
When you connect a plugin to your account the plugin will save a unique API key, password and temporary token which provide the plugin with access to your account data without disclosing your account log-in details, the data the plugin can access is based on the permissions you allow the plugin to have when connecting it.
Plugins can not access your backup data under any circumstances!

Plugin Permissions

View Backup List
This permission allows your plugin to access a list of backup timestamps for this domain. This list includes your backup timestamps, locations, filesizes and whether the backup is archived. This permission does not provide access to any sensitive data.
Manage Backups
This permission allows your plugin to 'Archive', 'Un-Archive' and 'Remove' backups, add/edit 'Backup Notes', and provoke new unscheduled backups using the 'Backup Now!' feature.
Change Settings
This permission allows your plugin to change your domain profiles and settings, including your backup frequency and the number of backups stored.
Select Data
This permission allows your plugin to change what files and databases are selected for backup. This permission allows your plugin to view any file paths you have selected for backup, any file exclusion rules you have added, and the database host address, name, username and tables names for any databases you have selected for backup - your plugin will not be able to retrieve your database passwords.
View Balance & Top-Up
This permission allows your plugin to view your account email address, balance and currency, and to submit top-up payments for your account.
View Other Domains
This permission allows your plugin to access a list of backup timestamps for other domains under this account, this permission provides the same access as the 'View Backup List' permission but provides access to the lists for all of your domains.

How to Connect a Plugin

Once you have followed the installation instructions for your chosen plugin you will be redirected to and asked to connect your plugin. When doing so you will be asked to log-in to your account if you are not already logged in. When connecting your plugin you will be shown the plugin name and the domain name/website address where the plugin is installed - please ensure the values shown are accurate. You will also be provided with six permission options as are listed above, simply select the permissions you would like to allow the plugin to have and then select the 'Connect Plugin' button, you will then be redirected back to your plugin to complete the setup process.
Please note, from the time you are redirected to to connect your plugin you must complete the connection process within 1 hour. If you are not able to complete the process within 1 hour, please return to your plugin and restart the 'Connect Plugin' process.
Also note, please avoid selecting the 'Back' and 'Refresh' buttons in your web browser as this may cause the connection process to fail, if the process fails please return to your plugin and restart the 'Connect Plugin' process.

Managing Your Connected Plugins

To view a list of plugins you have connected to your account simply proceed to the 'Plugins' section of your account. The 'Plugins' section enables you to disconnect a plugin's access to your account data, and also enables you to update the permissions a plugin has. If you incorrectly disconnect a plugin's access, simply return to the plugin which will prompt you to repeat the 'Connect Plugin' process. Please note, your plugin will temporarily cache data associated to your account and therefore it may take up to 1 hour for your plugin to reflect any changes made to your account.

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