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FAQ >> Changing Web Hosting Accounts

If you have moved your website from one web hosting account to another then you will likely need to update your backups configuration to suit the new hosting account.
After moving web hosting accounts your website file path, database access details, and FTP login details will likely have changed. Therefore please proceed to the Domains: Files section of your account to verify your files selection is set correctly - any files or directories which have changed location should be de-selected and then the new location selected.
Once done please proceed to the Domains: Databases section and select your databases to verify your database access details are set correctly, if not simply select the 'Edit Database' option to update your database access details.
Finally, please proceed to the Domains: API: Configure FTP Backups section and if your FTP login details have changed, please select to 'Disable FTP Backups' and then repeat the FTP backups configuration process using your new FTP login details.
Once you have updated your files and databases selections and your FTP login details, please provoke a new backup using the 'Backup Now!' buttons to verify your backups are processed successfully.

Moving Your Website

For documentation regarding how to move your website between hosting accounts using the myRepono restoration system, please refer to the 'Website Migration/Transfer' section of our Backups: Restore Backup documentation.

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