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29th November 2010

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A-Z Animals is the world's fastest growing wildlife website serving over 1 million pageviews per month. With an animal encyclopedia covering nearly 600 animals, the database and media library have taken years to create and are vital to their website, as such they have turned to myRepono for their website backups. Animal Encyclopedia With audio versions of all their articles, and a media library of over 30,000 files, has a large amount of critical data to backup, in fact they have over 3GB of data with a 250MB database which is constantly updated. Testimonial

"We have been trialing myRepono to backup our animal encylopedia website for the past 3 months, which includes an archive of nearly 600 animal articles (with MP3s), and a media library of over 30,000 files. From the easy installation to backing up our entire project, myRepono has given us instant security for our site (not to mention peace of mind), and the unique 'pay as you go' system ensures that it is great value for money. We would happily recommend both the myRepono product and it's dedicated team to anyone!"

Backup Costs Analysis backs up their 250MB database twice daily with 28 copies stored, they run daily backups of their media library and files which totals 2.5GB with 14 copies stored.

Database Backup Costs

Uncompressed Data Filesize:


Compressed Backup Filesize:


Cost per Backup Transferred:

$0.03 USD

Cost per Backup Stored per day:

<$0.01 USD

Backup Frequency:

Twice Daily

Backups Stored:


Total Data Transferred:


Total Data Stored:


Total Cost:

$3.67 USD

File Backup Costs

Uncompressed Data Filesize:


Compressed Backup Filesize:


Cost per Backup Transferred:

$0.27 USD

Cost per Backup Stored per day:

<$0.03 USD

Backup Frequency:


Backups Stored:


Total Data Transferred:


Total Data Stored:


Total Cost:

$18.14 USD

Total Monthly Cost:

$21.81 USD

All costs are based on pricing at time of writing, November 2010.

In's case, the frequency of the file backups is of critical importance. The versatility of the myRepono system gives users complete control over their costs, for example if were to change the file backup frequency to 'Every 3 Days', this would reduce the file backups cost by nearly $10 USD, reducing the monthly cost to $8.78 USD. By decreasing the number of stored backups to 10 (which would still maintain 1 month of backups), the total monthly cost would be reduced to $6.77 USD.

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If you have any questions about the myRepono website backup service, please get in touch. We are here to help and are happy to provide cost estimates and API installation assistance, free of charge!

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