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2nd October 2011

Blog >> New Features: Domain List Filters, Improved Error Reporting & Duplicate Domain Detection

We are pleased to announce the myRepono system has been updated with a range of new features and changes which improve the usability of the system.

Domain List Filters & Improved Error Reporting

Domain List Filters

Domain Filters & Error Reporting

The 'Domains' section has been updated to include 'Active', 'Paused', 'Successful' and 'Failed' filters enabling users with large numbers of domains to easily filter the listings to only show domains which have successful or failed backups, or which are active or paused.
The 'Overview' and 'Domains' sections have also been updated to include a new 'Failed Backup' notification icon which replaces the 'Backup Status' icon if a failed backup has occurred. The 'Failed Backup' notification icon allows users to easily identify backup errors, which combined with improved error reporting removes the neccessity to review failed backup notification emails for additional debugging information.

Configure FTP Backups & FTP Errors

Domains: API: Configure FTP Backups

Domains: API: Configure FTP Backups

The FTP backup configuration process has been updated to improve the reliability of the automatic FTP path detection which can be problematic for some users, the 'Domains' -> 'API' -> 'Configure FTP Backups' section has also been updated to allow for changes to the automatically detected path. In addition, the 'Automatic API Installation' tool now provides a 'Configure FTP Backups' option to enables users to automatically configure FTP backups when installing the myRepono API.
The backup process has also been updated to provide detailed error messages for issues relating to FTP backups, enabling for quick and easy identification of FTP configuration issues.

Duplicate Domain Detection

Duplicate Domain Detection

Duplicate Domain Detection

The myRepono system now provides a notification in the 'Domains' section if you have multiple domains configured under your account with the same name, the notification prompts the user to adjust their domain 'Profile Name' to ensure all domain profile names are unique. Whilst the system does support duplicate domains, the system's notifications can become confusing when multiple notifications are received for different domains with the same domain name.
The 'Add New Domain' and API URL editing features have been updated to provide enhanced validation of URLs, including providing warnings of duplicate API URLs, and automatically correcting common API URL errors.

Backup Queue Timeframes

The 'Backup Queue' feature has been updated to reflect changes to the domain 'Backup Timeframe' settings ensuring the queue only indicates a backup is due within the defined timeframe.

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On 5th August 2016, myRepono Team posted:

"To update this, SFTP and FTPS support was added on the 23rd October 2014."

On 7th November 2011, amir posted:

"is there a way to setup backup using sftp backup?"

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