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8th November 2011

Blog >> New Features: Automatic API Upgrades & Combined Backup Downloads

We are pleased to announce the myRepono system has been updated with a range of new features and changes which improve the usability of the system.

Automatic API Upgrades

Domains: API: Upgrade API

Domains: API: Upgrade API

An API upgrade tool is now available via the 'Domains' -> 'API' section for all users running API version 1.4 or above. Subject to compatibility constraints this new tool enables users to provoke API upgrades at the click of a button, greatly simplifying the API upgrade process.
A new 'API Auto-Upgrade' option has also been added to the 'Domains' -> 'API' section allowing users to enable fully automated API upgrades. When enabled, our systems will automatically upgrade your API whenever a new API version is released - ensuring your API is always kept up-to-date with the latest version. Email notifications are provided to confirm whenever an API is auto-upgraded.

Combined Backup Downloads

Backups: Download: Combined Backup

Backups: Download: Combined Backup

If your total backup size is over 2GB then your combined backup download may now be provided in multiple ZIP files which are approximately 2GB in size. This approach has been adopted to allow the user to begin downloading the first 2GB packet while the subsequent packets are still being generated, it enables users with low performance systems to access the ZIP files which may be inaccessible if over 2GB, and it also greatly improves the efficiency and speed of the combined backup download process.
The combined backup download section has also been updated to provide a percentage complete status identifying how far the combined backup download process has progressed.

Top-Up Fraud Checks

The myRepono credit/debit card top-up and auto-topup systems have been updated so 'Verified by Visa' and 'MasterCard SecureCode' authentication checks are no longer forced for all transactions, these additional security checks will now only be applied to payments in excess of $50 USD / £50 GBP / €50 EUR to alleviate confusion caused by these processes. These authentication processes may still be applied to lower value top-up payments at the discretion of the card provider.

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