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14th November 2010

Blog >> myRepono is Open!

It is with great pleasure that we officially announce the launch of the myRepono website backup service.

We would like to say a huge thank you to all you who helped us test the system, your assistance and feedback is hugely appreciated!

New Features

Our beta testing phase saw the addition of numerous new features, not to mention an updated API offering enhanced mySQL database backups.

Download Combined Backup
Download Combined Backup In response to user feedback we have added a 'Download Combined Backup' feature which enables users to combine their backup packets so they can download their full backup in one file.

Enhanced mySQL Database Backups
The myRepono API has been updated to support enhanced mySQL database backups. this functionality dramatically increases the quantity of mySQL database data which can be backed up, improving efficiency with some hosting providers by over 100%!

Custom Domain Profile Names
Rather than simply displaying the domain name to identify the backup profile we have now updated the system enabling users to choose custom domain profile names, to aid their identification of profiles when multiple APIs are used on the same domain.

Improved Automatic API Installation
Thanks to the variety of hosting environments our automatic API installation has now been used with, we have been able to improve the automatic API installation process for increased reliability with unusual server configurations.

The Future

myRepono is now officially open, but that does not mean the end of development! We will continue to enhance the system in response to customer feedback so please keep your comments coming.

New Server Locations
New Server Locations In 2011 we will be adding further backup server locations enabling to to control where in the world you store your data. Initially we will be adding a location in Europe (most likely in Germany or The Netherlands) in addition to a second location on the west coast of the US (most likely in Los Angeles). We intend to add a further location in Asia before the end of 2011. Mobile Backup Management
Development of our mobile backup management application is already underway, enabling you to manage your backups and restore your website using any mobile-enabled device. Initially we will offer both iPhone and Android targeted webapps, along with a basic version of the system for use with older mobile phones and other web-enabled devices.

Additional Restoration Tools
In addition to the current restoration tool (which supports individual file restoration) we intend to add an 'express' restoration tool which will offer faster restoration processing than the existing system, this will not enable the user to choose which files to restore and will simply run a full restore as quickly as possible.

Stay in Touch!

Please contact us with all your suggestions, feedback, comments and ideas. We have already implemented numerous new features after receiving requests from users - let us know your ideas and we'll see what we can do to add them!

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