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31st July 2011

Blog >> New Feature: File Exclusion Rules

We are pleased to announce a new file exclusion rules feature has been added to the myRepono system.

Domains: Files: Exclusion Rules

Domains: Files: Exclusion Rules

File exclusion rules enable you to define search patterns which are checked against your file paths, if a match is found the file will be excluded from your backup. This feature is ideal for preventing the backup of redundant and unnecessary data such as log files.

File exclusion rules can also include asterisk (*) wildcards to create partial match searches. For example, the exclusion rule '*.log' would exclude any file which ended with '.log'. Asterisk wildcards can even be used multiple times and within rules to create complex partial match search strings (e.g. /home/*/public_html/*.log).

You can add and manage your file exclusion rules via the 'Files' section for your domain. Note, you must be running version 1.4 or above of the myRepono API in order to use the file exclusion rules feature.

Get in touch!

The file exclusion rules feature has been added in response to user feedback, if you have any comments or feedback about the myRepono website backup service, please post a comment below or get in touch directly!

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