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23rd March 2011

Blog >> The World's Coolest Data Centres

A data centre is a facility used to house computer systems, such as the computer servers we all use to host our websites. If you have a website, then that website is stored on a computer server, in a data centre.

There are now quite a lot of websites (250+ million in fact) and as a result the commercial data centres which host these websites have had to keep pace with the public's ever increasing demand for fast and reliable websites and web hosting - and as with all technology, some data centres have gone to great lengths to be the 'coolest' of all the data centres.

Below is an overview of some of the most exciting and unusual data centres in the world, combined with some truely mind-boggling statistics!

The Coolest Data Centres In The World

1. Pionen White Mountains, Stockholm, Sweden
100 feet below the streets of Stockholm lies a granite cave defence bunker from the Cold War era which has been converted into a data centre by Bahnhof. Not only can this data centre survive an H-Bomb, Bahnhof have finished their data centre with the important luxuries which other data centres just don't consider, including a 686-gallon salt water fish tank and an artificial waterfall!

2. Citi Data Centre, Frankfurt, Germany
The Citi Data Centre uses fresh air for cooling and reverse osmosis to reduce sediment build-up in cooling towers resulting in a saving of 13 million gallons of water per year. The Citi Data Centre building also has a green roof made up of living plants that help reduce run-off from the building and to keep it cool.

3. Iron Mountain Data Centre, Pennsylvania, US
This experimental data centre is built in a limestone mine which cools equipment directly into the limestone, which can absorb 1.5 BTUs per square foot. Thanks to this absorption and an underground lake, this data centre does not need cooled raised flooring and instead directs heat through ceiling panels and blows it across the roof of the shafts to cool.

4. @Tokyo Data Centre, Tokyo, Japan
This dramatic hallway is the entrance that leads to the 1.4 million square foot of data centre space for lease in the heart of Tokyo.

5. Clumeq, Université Laval, Quebec, Canada
Distributed over three circular floors totalling 2,700 square feet, Clumeq is a data centre based inside a renovated Van der Graaf particle accelerator facility used for atomic research.

The Largest Data Centres In The World

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