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29th July 2011

Blog >> API Version 1.4 for Enhanced Performance & Reliability

The myRepono Backup API has been updated with numerous enhancements to improve the API's compatibility, performance, and reliability.

It is highly recommended that all users update their API to version 1.4 using either the manual or automated API installation tools.

New Features & Changes
  • IP authentication cache added which drastically improves the API's performance.
  • Automatic upgrades feature added enabling future upgrades (v1.5 and above) to be automated (compatibility constraints apply).
  • New 256-Bit AES encryption process which improves performance and reduces memory usage.
  • New file exclusions feature added (associated tool will be released shortly).
  • New FTP fail-over configuration setting enabling you to customise a maximum filesize which can be transferred without using the FTP transfer method. This setting is set to 64MB by default, this means all files over 64MB will be transferred via FTP (and therefore if you have any files over 64MB you will need to 'Configure FTP Backups' via the 'API' section for your domain).
  • Improved API timeout and memory management which eliminates the need for the 'myrepono_config.php' file included in our 'Failed Backup Errors and Trouble-Shooting' documentation. A new configuration setting has been added for customising the API's memory limit.
  • New configuration setting added to force the usage of the CURL extension when making HTTP requests.
  • Error logging is now disabled by default and can be enabled through a new configuration setting.
  • CloudFlare IP address detection added to resolve issues associated to the CloudFlare DNS/proxy service.
  • Improved PHP configuration detection and advanced API debugging features added.
  • Peak memory usage tracking can now be enabled through a new configuration setting.
  • Significant improvements to API's performance and memory usage.

Once upgraded to version 1.4 we estimate approximately 75% of users will be able to take advantage of the new automated upgrade tool in the future.

For detailed information regarding the new features and configuration options offered by version 1.4 of the API, please refer to the API Configuration & Customisation documentation.

myRepono WordPress Backup Plugin

Users of the myRepono WordPress Backup Plugin can upgrade to version 1.1.3 of the plugin to provoke an automatic upgrade to version 1.4 of the API.

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