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1st December 2010

Blog >> New Features!

We are very pleased to announce the addition of numerous new features which enhance and improve the myRepono website backup service.

Domain Profiles

When updating your domain settings you now have the option to add up to 10 domain profiles (per domain).
Settings: Domain Profiles

Settings: Domain Profiles

Domain profiles enable you to setup different settings for your domain without the need to re-add the domain, the key reason for the domain profiles system is to give you more control over your backup schedule, and more importantly what backups are stored.
For example, if your 1st domain profile provides daily backups with 30 backups stored you will be storing 1 month of backups. By adding a 2nd profile with monthly backups and which stores 24 backups you will therefore be storing monthly backups for 2 years, along with your daily backups for the previous month. This level of flexibility gives you complete control over how your backups are scheduled and archived, and gives you the control to maintain frequent recent backups, and an archive of less frequent backups.

Incomplete Backup Notifications & Error Log

myRepono now provides an incomplete backup notification whenever a backup is completed successfully, but where errors have occurred during the backup process. This error log is also included in the backup management system when viewing your backups.

Add Domain: Copy Domain Settings

Add Domain: Copy Domain Settings

Copy Domain Settings

When adding a new domain you can now select to copy the settings from an existing domain, saving you time when adding multiple domains.

Archive Backups

You can now select to 'archive a backup', this by-passes the 'stored backups' setting and enables you to lock a backup to prevent it from being automatically deleted by the system when it is replaced by a recent backup. This enables you to select specific backups which will be saved indefinitely.

Account Owner Registration

You can now provide company/personal details to register your myRepono account to you, enabling us to identify you should you forget your password and lose access to your registered email account.

Updated FAQ & Documentation

Our online FAQ and documentation has been updated with new articles covering the 'Domains' and 'Account' sections of the myRepono system.

Get in touch!

Many of these features have been added in response to customer feedback, if you have any comments or feedback about the myRepono website backup service, please get in touch!

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