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17th January 2011

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myRepono WordPress Backup Plugin

 Download myRepono WordPress Backup Plugin
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WordPress is an open source blog publishing application which is developed by hundreds of volunteers and is now used by over 25 million people! WordPress includes a powerful plugins system which has enabled thousands of developers to create plugins which extend the functionality of WordPress.

It is with great pleasure that we announce the release of our very own WordPress plugin which automates the myRepono API installation and configuration to enable you to backup your WordPress files and database within a matter of seconds!

The myRepono WordPress Backup Plugin is extremely easy to install and provides a convenient overview of your myRepono account and backups, directly as part of your WordPress settings. The plugin enables you to monitor your WordPress backups and your account balance, and it enables you to update your backup settings directly from WordPress.

If you're a WordPress user please select the Download myRepono WordPress Backup Plugin button to download the plugin ZIP file. Once downloaded simply extract the files from the ZIP file and read the 'readme.txt' file for installation instructions.

We provide comprehensive support for the myRepono WordPress Backup Plugin just as we do for our API and backup service, so if you have any questions please get in touch! The myRepono WordPress Backup Plugin is brand new so please get in touch with all your comments and feedback!

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On 9th March 2011, myRepono Team posted:

"Thanks for the fantastic screencast and review Mikey! Your support and positive feedback is hugely appreciated!
We do not store data with Amazon S3 since the costs would not enable us to be profitable and competitive with our current pricing structure, we use our own servers and infrastructure which enables us to offer pricing which is in fact lower than Amazon S3 pricing once you reach the higher pricing bands."

On 9th March 2011, Mikey Leung posted:

"I've just done a screencast and review of your product, and compared to a few other backup plugins. Thanks for the review! Out of curiosity, where are our files stored? I assumed that you would also be storing them at Amazon S3 as well.
Review Link:"

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