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12th February 2012

Blog >> New Features: Restoration File Selection & Summary

We are very pleased to announce the myRepono restoration system has received a significant update which adds a wide range of new features and improvements.

Restoration File Selection

The restoration file selection has been significantly advanced to include three new file selection methods.
Backups: Restore Backup: File Tree Selection

File Tree Selection

File Tree
The file tree selection method allows you to view all your backup files in a directory tree, enabling you to easily browse your files to select specific files and directories for restoration. Simply select the checkboxes next to each file/directory to add them to your 'Items to Restore' list.
The databases selection method lists your database table backups, allowing you to easily add individual database tables or complete databases to your 'Items to Restore' list.
The search selection method allows you to search your backup for specific files or directories. Searches use a partial match compared against the full file path for each file, therefore searching for 'example', '.php', '/public_html/' and 'home/username' would all return the file '/home/username/public_html/example.php'.

Restoration Summary

Backups: Restore Backup: Restoration Summary

Restoration Summary

Once your restoration is complete you will now be shown a summary of your restoration identifying which of your files have been restored successfully, and any which have not - allowing you to quickly identify any files which were not restored successfully.
A range of detailed error descriptions are included to aid resolution of any errors, and two new 'Restart Restoration' options have been added allowing you to easily restart the complete restoration or just the restoration of any files which were not previously restored successfully.

Website & Database Migration

The restoration system has been advanced to simplify website migrations/transfers, enabling you to easily migrate your website between hosting accounts or servers.
The restoration 'Path Changes' feature can now be used to migrate your database tables between databases, allowing you to easily restore a database table backup to an entirely new database. The restoration system will also now identify if you have any SQL backup files which do not have an associated database configuration, allowing you to select an appropriate database configuration with ease.

Get in touch!

If you have any questions, comments or feedback about the myRepono website backup service, please post a comment below or get in touch directly!

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On 12th February 2012, Raymond posted:

"These are welcome improvements to the restoration and migration process.
Step by step tutorials in video or pdf format showing both restoration and transfer to a different host/server would be a great supplement to the above.

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