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7th April 2011

Blog >> New Features: Backup Now, Revised Backup Queue & Improved Error Reporting

We are pleased to announce a significant update to the myRepono system which includes a new 'Backup Now' option, a revised 'Backup Queue', and new failed backup error reporting features.

Backup Now

Domains: Overview

Domains: Overview

The myRepono system now includes 'Backup Now' buttons, enabling you to provoke an immediate backup without waiting for your next backup to become due.

The 'Backup Now' buttons allow you to start an immediate backup regardless of when your next backup is due, the only limitation being you can not start a new backup if a backup is already being processed.

Backup Queue

Backups: Backup Queue

Backups: Backup Queue

The 'Backup Queue' has been greatly improved with new features including an automatic update/refresh feature enabling your backup queue status information to update without refreshing the page.

The backup queue now includes improved backup status reporting, indicating exactly which stage of the backup is currently being processed. In the case of failed backups the queue includes detailed error reporting information.

The 'Backup Queue' is located in the 'Backups' section, backup queue/status information is also included in the 'Domains' -> 'Overview' section.

Improved Error Reporting

Backup Failed Error

Backup Failed Error

We have carefully reviewed all of the error messages reported when a failed backup occurs, allowing you to easily identify and resolve any errors.

Failed backup errors are now included in the 'Backup Queue' and 'Domains' -> 'Overview' sections to allow for error reporting when failed backup notifications are disabled.

Get in touch!

These features have been added in response to customer feedback, if you have any comments or feedback about the myRepono website backup service, please get in touch!

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On 10th April 2011, myRepono Team posted:

"Steve, yes these features will be added to the WordPress plugin - hopefully within the next couple of months.
Gerry, yes the 'Backup Now' option simply provokes your backup to be processed immediately, rather than waiting for the next scheduled backup. The backup will be processed in the same way as your scheduled backups."

On 8th April 2011, Gerry Humphrey posted:

"I am using the WP plug-in on my sites. As I typically only want to backup after I made changes on my site, can I click the Backup Now on the site and have it do the full WP backup?"

On 7th April 2011, steve posted:

"Hi Guys
that's great, will your wordpress plug-in be updated to include the additional features?

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